In a sometimes sizzling and sold-out Royal Arena, Heroic won the title and an amount equivalent to 1.4 million kroner by beating the opponent, Faze 2-1.

The match was very close on the last map, Vertigo, and was only decided after overtime.

With the victory, Heroic nicely followed up a good period for the team, which earlier in November gave second place in the major tournament in Rio. The upturn has brought Heroic up to number two in the world ranking after Russian Outsiders.

In a festive Royal Arena, former national football team profile Nicklas Bendtner, who has started his own Counter-Strike team, was part of a warm-up match, but the biggest applause went to Heroic after all.

After an almost obligatory half-hour delay, the final got off to a bad start for Heroic.

The Danes had chosen Overpass as the first map, and it initially looked like a very bad idea.

Like terrorists, Heroic fell behind 0-5, but much to the delight of part of the arena, the team showed its class and went to the break with an 8-7 lead.

It was quickly developed as anti-terrorists, and the first map ended with a relatively convincing 16-11 victory after, among other things, a strong performance by captain Casper ‘cadiaN’ Møller.

Faze, who has the Danish profile Finn ‘Karrigan’ Andersen on his team, chose Inferno as the second map, and that’s exactly what Heroic had had big problems with lately.

Five times in a row and three out of three possible times in the week leading up to the final, Heroic had lost on the Inferno map, including in the 0-2 defeat to Faze on Thursday.

After a bad start, Heroic came to the break as anti-terrorists with an 8-7 lead, but the Danish team had to admit in the second half that the sixth defeat in a row at Inferno was a reality. Faze won 16-12.

Thus, the final had to be decided on the Mirage map, and here Heroic quickly stepped up. 11-4 led the team after the first half as anti-terrorists.

However, the momentum changed completely and the crowd got full value for money as it ended 15-15 and with an overtime decision. Here Heroic had the best nerves, and captain Casper ‘cadiaN’ Møller was allowed to decide it to gigantic cheers for the team’s fans.

In addition to Møller, the Heroic team consisted of Martin ‘stavn’ Lund, René ‘TeSeS’ Madsen, Rasmus ‘sjuush’ Beck and Jakob ‘jabbi’ Nygaard.

Heroic has long been ranked as Denmark’s second best Counter-Strike team. Recently, however, the compatriots in Astralis have been tipped off the stick.

Former world number seven Astralis, now ranked 18th in the world, finished third in last year’s autumn finals at the Royal Arena after a win over Heroic, but did not qualify for the playoffs of this year’s tournament

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