The Medicine Basket Committee announced today (Wednesday) its decisions regarding the update of the basket for 2023. In the meantime, many patients whose medicines were left out of the basket this year, spoke to Maariv and told about the disappointment, as well as the patients who heard for the first time that the expensive medicine they were forced to take, this time entered the basket.

Ahead of the publication of the committee’s decision on the drugs that will enter the basket, the patients: “a matter of life and death”
The state must take responsibility: the “marathon” phase of the health basket committee is in full swing

Galina Pihilinkov, an 80-year-old woman from Ashdod said: “This is a very difficult day for me and my family! The medicine that saves my life unfortunately did not go into the basket, and I am still suffering! About five years ago I suddenly started losing weight and suffering from shortness of breath. At first we thought I had a heart problem and all the children were worried We didn’t imagine that I had a rare and violent cancer and that my life was in real danger. After many hardships I was diagnosed with gist type cancer, I underwent surgery to remove it, but the drugs did not help and the disease returned again with liver metastases,” she said.

“About two years ago I did a genetic diagnosis of the tumor tissues and then I realized that my specific mutation finally has a cure! And really, since I took Ivakit my life has completely changed! I manage to see my children and grandchildren and walk right on my feet! I will continue to fight for Ivakit to go into the basket so that I can continue To live and see my grandchildren and family.”

Eran Moshe, 56 years old from Ashdod, was also disappointed to find out that the medicine he had to take was left out: “We are experiencing a great disappointment today. We are very disappointed to hear that the medicine Soliris we need did not enter the medicine basket this year as well. Myasthenia gravis is a life-threatening disease that affects young women when they are at their peak their lives. And also in men. Many patients are not diagnosed properly and it takes a long time until they are diagnosed, the public is not aware of the severity of the disease and the huge price it exacts from the patients. According to information, several patients died because they did not receive the medicine and the complications of the disease. There are now new treatments that can greatly help patients, And we will not stop fighting so that they hear our cry and approve the therapeutic treatment we deserve.”

At the same time, many patients were actually happy to discover for the first time that the medicine that helps them overcome their illness, was put in the basket this year. Michal Doletsky, 17, from Mikneam Elit, said: “During the Corona period, after I felt a worsening of my vision and ophthalmologists attributed it to my unwillingness to learn through zoom, they finally discovered that I suffer from a low-malignancy glioma with a mutation. my life and reduced the tumor significantly. I thank the members of the basket committee that thanks to their decision the treatment will be able to help more children and boys in my situation, and will save them the difficulties associated with surgeries or chemotherapy treatments.”

Michal Doletsky (photo: private photo)

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