The basic Finns’ line on Finland’s departure from the EU is the party’s long-term goal to arouse widespread criticism in competing parties.

It is about the outline of the party’s EU program published in 2019, whose chairman Riikka Purra confirmed to still be valid even in the current world political situation. Purra said in an interview with Iltalehti that “this is still our long-term strategic goal”.

The chairman of the coalition who was talking to Purra on IL’s broadcast Petteri Orpo previously replied to his opposition colleague that “pursuing an EU exit is harmful and dangerous for the motherland”.

The message from other parties is similar.

“PS president Riikka Purra’s speeches about Finland’s exit from the EU are dangerous and tell a lot about the line of the party she leads. Is it really the case that Perusfinomalieset deliberately wants to undermine Finland’s position and the unity of Europe now, in the middle of the NATO process and the war in Ukraine?” asks a member of parliament from the prime minister’s party SDP Eveliina Heinäluoma in his Twitter thread.

According to him, Russia’s attack on Ukraine in particular has emphasized the importance of the EU as a security community.

“What would the world look like if the dreams of PS and its European sister parties about the breakup of the EU had come true? Even Finland would have had cold spots in the middle of the war of aggression launched by Russia.”

“The resignation speeches also weaken Finland’s negotiating position in the difficult economic negotiations that are about to begin. If the country is preparing for separation, why should its ideas be taken seriously?” Hīänuluoma continues.

Heinäluoma also asks whether the Fundamental Finns were also pursuing an EU exit when they were in the government and whether Petteri Orpo’s coalition would “really be ready to make such compromises in order to get the government together”. The information secretary of the parliamentary group of the coalition answers him directly Niilo Heinonen.

“The coalition is definitely not ready to push for EU separation. You know that very well. The EU is Finland’s most important foreign and security policy solution,” Heinonen writes.

Several influential members of the coalition are surprised by Purra’s policy.

“How can any responsible decision-maker interested in Finland’s future even play with the idea of ​​Finland leaving the EU in this situation and with the current information. Unbelievable”, MP Saara-Sofia Sirén to tweet.

“Think about the parties that would benefit from the disintegration of Europe, let alone Finland alone.”

Former congress leader Alexander Stubb considers that the PS party’s official line “is not only irresponsible, but also dangerous in the current security situation”.

“Straight out of the Russian playbook,” Stubb condemns.

“You’d think so [Britannian] The Brexit disaster would serve as an incentive to avoid irresponsibility, but clearly not.”

MP from the center Pekka Aittakumpu writes that “the EU has its problems, and Finland’s task is to influence its line”.

“On the other hand, the exit from the EU pushed by the PS would be a bad thing from an economic and security perspective. The EU brings stability to Finland.”

SDP MEP Miapetra Kumpula-Natri it amazes me that the basic Finns’ policy is still valid.

“They intend to act strategically, preparing for the separation… I would have hoped for an update to the policy no later than after the Russian attack. Oh Finland boy – where was this country going with the PS government!”

The story continues under the tweets.

Riikka Purra also participates in the resulting discussion.

“It seems to have come as a surprise to some that our current EU program (2019) is valid. This is what was asked. Or it didn’t come, but why leave a single opportunity to wave the Russia card unused”, he replies to the criticism.

Purra justifies the party’s line.

“Brussels can push out anything against the national interest, from debt and income transfer instruments to forest policy and narrowing our decision-making power. Apparently there is resistance in Finland. Everyone is welcome, always. There are clearly no alternatives”-

Hopefully, NATO membership will make even the EU debate more honest and versatile. At least the blade is removed from waving the Russia card,” he writes.

The Basic Finns’ EU program for 2019 states that “Basic Finns see a controlled EU exit by Finland as a longer-term strategic goal, either alone or as part of a wider group of EU-critical countries”

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