Division into two “districts,” a play-in round, and league growth. The factory’s executive leadership’s plans

This year has been especially chaotic for the Euroleague. Every new hero cycle raises its head, the dramas and surprises continue, and new stars are flashing in the sky of the best league in Europe. In any case, the plant’s management is not sitting back and has already begun planning for the league’s future, which could see significant changes in the near future.

The Euroleague has been in touch with individuals from Dubai who are interested in starting a basketball team to compete in the factory for a number of months as part of the efforts to boost income. The sheikhs in charge of this, according to the rumors, plan to host the Final 4 already in the upcoming years and combine a squad with a significant budget with big-name players.

In a conversation with BasketballNews, Marshall Glickman, chairman of the EuroLeague, said: “We still have to see if we achieve a settlement that will be good for everyone.” “In general, I think that the league will inevitably grow. It seems that eventually we will have to switch to two “districts” since as there are more teams, there will also be more games.”

The Barcelona player Nikola Mirotic was also questioned and provided with some insight on the matter: “I am aware of the rumors and speculations regarding the potential for a team in Dubai, and it seems like a fantastic idea to me. Sincerably, why not? Given the league’s current situation and the necessary reforms, it might be favorable in terms of marketing and spending. Teams won’t visit Dubai four times a season, but rather just once. I support it because of the money involved and the opportunities that will be made available.”

While Glickman predicts future changes influenced by the league abroad, it appears that the Euroleague will borrow ideas from the NBA at the same time. “The play-in system, which the NBA uses, is something I support since it adds drama and suspense to the league, according to Glickman. I think we should hold an All-Star game because I would love to. The Final Four is enjoyable. In any case, I believe this to be a significant occasion. Some people want to change, but I want the drama.”

Later, Glickman discussed the potential for a Euroleague game to be held outside of Europe: “It might occur. Perhaps New York, perhaps Tokyo, perhaps Mumbai. It could be anywhere, and it would assist people around the world appreciate the value we bring to the game.”

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