According to the newspaper, flour remains have been found in the prime minister’s official residence and in the mansion used by the foreign minister.

Mixed Remains of cocaine have been found in the official residence of the British Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, and in the Chevening mansion, which is usually used by the foreign minister, in the southeast of London. The staff has made the findings of the former prime ministers Boris Johnson and Liz Trussin after the parties they organized.

A British newspaper tells about it The Guardian. According to the newspaper, neither Johnson nor Trussia is suspected of drug use. According to the newspaper’s sources, the use of cocaine at the highest levels of the British government is by no means unique.

Conservative politician LIz Truss, 47, served as British Prime Minister for a record short term from September to October. He was appointed to the position by the foreign minister.

According to The Guardian’s information, Truss organized two receptions in the three thousand square meter Chevening mansion, built in the 17th century, just before his term as prime minister. The first guests were in the village with the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the end of August and the next at the beginning of September.

According to the information, the staff found white flour residues after both guest nights. Flour was found, for example, on the side table of the billiard room. According to the quick test, it was cocaine.

Downing The cocaine finds on Street 10, on the other hand, are related to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s 58-year-old party during the corona lockdown. According to previous information, the host of the official apartment himself did not participate in the two parties after which cocaine was allegedly found.

According to the newspaper, the first cocaine discoveries in the prime minister’s official residence were made after Christmas on December 19 in 2020. Cocaine stains were found among empty bottles, cans and food wrappers.

Another party was organized by the prince Philip’s Around the time of the funeral in April 2021. According to The Guardian, cleaners found traces of cocaine in the bathrooms of the prime minister’s official residence at the time. The finds also included plastic bags with blood and vomit.

One table had cocaine stains and a discarded voucher from the beauty, health and pharmacy chain Boots. There is no information about its owner.

Boris According to Johnson’s spokesperson, the ex-prime minister is surprised by the accusations. “Because no allegations of drug use at 10 Downing Street have been previously brought to his attention”.

Now Prime Minister Rishi Sunakin the information officer of the official apartment in use was equally outraged by the claims. “The Guardian has not presented any evidence to support its claims,” ​​the spokesman commented. “If these were serious allegations, we would expect them to be reported to the police.”

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