The men’s handball team of Serbia defeated the Algerian selection tonight in Katowice, Poland with 36:27 (16:13), in the first round match of Group E at the World Championship.

The most effective in the winning selection was Mijajlo Marsenić with nine goals, Petar Đorđić scored eight, while Vukašin Vorkapić and Nemanja Ilić added four goals each.

In the African national team, Reda Arib was better than the rest with five goals, while Abdi Ajub, Daud Hishem and Nori Benhalima scored four each.

Earlier today, within this group, Germany defeated Qatar with 31:27 (18:13). On Sunday, in the second round, Serbia will play against Germany at 18:00, while Qatar and Algeria will meet at 20:30.

At the opening of the match, Serbia led 2:0, then 4:1 and 6:3. Algeria did not give up and in the middle of the match there was a tie.

In the continuation, the selection of Serbia again goes to plus three, but Algeria comes back and gets closer to 13:12. From that moment, Serbia made the series 3:0 and Uroš Borzaš’s goal from the counter two and a half minutes before the end reached the biggest four-goal difference in the first half.

The African national team scored one goal in the end and reduced the score to 16:13.

In the first part of the match, Serbian goalkeeper Vladimir Cupara stood out, stopping nine shots from his rivals, while Nemanja Ilić and Đorđić scored four goals each.

At the beginning of the second half, it was goal after goal, until the eighth minute, when after a counterattack, Vanja Ilić brought Serbia to plus five (22:17).

Then, with the goals of Đorđić, Vorkapić and Marsenić, Serbia took an eight-goal lead (27:19) and in the middle of the second half solved the question of the winner.

Placement in the next stage of the World Cup in Poland and Sweden will be ensured by three selections from eight groups each.

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