The British BBC reported today (Thursday) that the Italian police revealed another hiding place, the most wanted mobster in Italy, Matteo Messina Denaro, who was arrested last Monday in a private clinic in the city of Palermo. According to a report, the hidden room is in the house several hundred meters away from the first hiding place, and it contains the wardrobe whose bottom can be moved.

Also, Italian police said they seized gems and silverware in the hidden room, and empty paper boxes, which indicated that Denaro had removed documents, prior to his arrest. Shortly after he was arrested, he was taken to the prison in Luaquila, in the province of Abruzzo, in the center of the Dina, where he will continue to receive treatment after suffering from cancer.

The Italian police after the arrest of Messina Denaro (Photo: Reuters)

In addition, it was reported that Denaro refused to appear via video link at a court hearing on the murders of prosecutors Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borcellino in 1992. According to reports in the Land of the Boot, car keys found in the bag Denaro was carrying at the time of his arrest led investigators to the first hideout Come stay, and the police raided the second hideout, in the afternoon, and found a 60 square meter ground floor apartment. Luxury perfumes, furniture, designer clothes, and two cell phones were also found there.

Denaro was arrested last Tuesday at a private clinic in the capital of Sicily, when he made the appointment at the clinic under the pseudonym Andrea Bonfidi. The fake name aroused the suspicion of the police when they realized that it was the name of the nephew of the mafia boss Leonardo Bonfidi, who passed away. Phone mapping showed that Bonfidi’s real cell phone was not in Palermo in 2020 and 20201.

The Italian police near Messina Denaro's house (Photo: Reuters)

The Italian police near Messina Denaro’s house (Photo: Reuters)

It was also revealed that Denaro lived in a modest house in Campobello di Mezzara, which is 116 kilometers from Palermo and only eight kilometers from his hometown of Castelvetrano. His neighbors told Italian television that they saw him often and greeted each other regularly.

As mentioned, the Italian police announced last Monday that they captured Matteo Messina Denaro, the head of the Italian mafia, in one of the hunts that lasted 30 years. In the land of the boot, it was reported that the police arrested Denaro at a private hospital in the city of Palermo, where the goldsmith regularly went for treatments. According to the details, the leader of the “Cosa Nostra”, who was previously described as the “boss of all bosses” is not opposed to the arrest. Since 1993, Denaro has been on the world’s most wanted list.

The leader of the mafia, who has been on the run since 1993, has been sick lately and therefore regularly came to the private health facility in the city of Palermo. Denaro, who has a violent past, was sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment for his involvement in a series of murders in 1992, including prosecutors Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borcellino. Denaro was also accused of taking part in a series of attacks in Rome, Florence and Milan, in which ten people were killed.

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