The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of Serbia, Goran Vesić, ordered JP “Infrastruktur železnica Srbije” to carry out extraordinary inspections of “problematic sections” of the railways.

“The infrastructure has ten days to carry out inspections, prepare a report and propose the necessary measures. This especially applies to sections where, due to the poor state of the network, driving is slow,” Vesić told Prva television today.

As he stated, the report was requested after the news that the third train derailment in seven days had occurred in Serbia.

“Unfortunately, almost nothing was invested in Serbian railways until 2015, and now we are paying the price of decade-long neglect of the infrastructure. Between 10-15 million euros were invested annually in the renovation of the railway infrastructure until 2015. This year alone, in the construction of new ones and the renovation of old ones we invested almost 400 million euros in the railway,” said Vesić.

In his opinion, it will take years to rebuild the existing railways “at this rate of investment”.

He pointed out that he is not satisfied with the situation in railway companies, especially in “Infrastructure” and “Srbija Cargo”, and will propose specific measures and changes.

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