Quite a few recruits who enlisted in the IDF heard the phrase “mistakes pay” during their journey, and anyone who has neglected their teeth will surely be able to identify with the saying. Many of us do not invest enough time and patience in properly caring for our teeth, and sometimes are completely unaware of habits that actually harm them.The best way to treat dental problems is to simply avoid them. Pay attention to the following ten mistakes – we see them a lot in patients.

Brushing teeth with “teeth whitening” materials

Whether it is baking soda or toothpastes that promise to whiten the teeth – it is important to know that a substance that “whitens” the tooth by eroding the tooth substance, causes damage to the teeth. Therefore, when you buy toothpaste, make sure it contains fluoride at a level of 1,500 PPM (parts per million) and theRDA (Attrition level) lower than 70. Ointments without fluoride or those with RDA high cause damage.

Chewing lemon or drinking lemon water as part of a weight loss trend

Overweight or obesity are indeed problems that should not be taken lightly, but to lose weight you don’t have to sacrifice your teeth. Acidic substances such as lemon or apple cider vinegar, for example, cause damage to the vitreous (enamel) of the tooth, and thus cause the development of great sensitivity in the teeth.
Beyond that, sometimes we use acid as a drink: lemon juice, orange or apple juice, herbal tea, regular cola or date; Regardless of one diet or another. All of these are actually examples of acidic liquids that cause damage to tooth enamel. Therefore, after consuming them, it is recommended to rinse the mouth and clean the residues of the acidic drink before brushing.

Eating sweet and snacking in short periods of time

To maintain the health of the teeth, it is recommended to reduce the exposure time to cryogenic foods, i.e. – foods high in carbohydrates and sugars and sticky foods. So here is a tip on the matter – it is better that you eat these foods immediately after the meal. This way you can reduce the exposure times of the teeth to sugars.

Allow the child to sleep with a bottle of milk or juice

Quality sleep is very important for the child’s development, and also for the health of his teeth. Milk (certainly sweetened like chocolate), or sweetened juice that parents leave for the baby in a bottle during the night, may cause the development of caries centers in the baby teeth or permanent teeth and create caries.

Clean the baby’s pacifier with your mouth or eat from the same spoon

It is true that the baby grows in the mother’s womb, but that does not mean that the mother has to transfer her natural population of oral bacteria to him. Every transition from mouth to mouth also transfers the population of bacteria and you have to understand that some of them are the causes of caries.

Allow the use of a pacifier or a finger for an extended period of time

A pacifier can be a wonderful thing to help a baby relax. However, when using it, it is better to choose one in an orthodontic pacifier with a flat appearance. Beyond that, it is recommended to wean children from pacifiers and finger sucking around the age of two or three, as this ongoing habit can delay or interfere with the normal development of the jaws and the eruption of teeth.

Do not change toothbrush in time

The toothbrush is actually the first “line of defense” of our teeth, it is important to replace it every three to four months, before the fibers become hard and worn.

Rinse your mouth with water after brushing

After brushing the teeth, spit and thus finish the brushing. You will be surprised, when you rinse your mouth with water after brushing, you actually also wash away the fluoride left on the teeth and damage the effectiveness of the brushing and the action of the toothpaste.

Do not clean the tongue at the end of brushing

A thorough brushing action includes the teeth, their meeting with the gums but also the tongue. The reason is that there are grooves in the tongue that serve as a place for the growth and development of bacteria. Those who take care of this will also enjoy the bonus of improved breath.

The author is Dr. Ora Salzman, Medical Director at Kelait Smile, Southern Region and Jerusalem

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