LG Electronics has announced a new American combi fridge InstaView,which is 25 percent more spacious, features technologies to keep food fresh longer, and makes four different types of ice.

The South Korean company will take to the consumer technology fair Las Vegas CES its new refrigerator, which combines a 700-liter capacity with a design that is 9 percent shallower than a conventional American model to offer more interior storage space.

This increase in space is the result of the redesign of several of the elements of the refrigerator; LG has narrowed the cold air ducts and evaporator and reduced the thickness by applying improved insulation, as detailed in a press release. With this, he has achieved 25 percent more space than its predecessors, with a smaller total surface area in the kitchen.

The refrigerator also accommodates in the right door a mirrored InstaView panel, edged with stainless steel, which by tapping twice on them allows you to see the interior. also presents discreet shooters thanks to a new design.

The company has highlighted that this refrigerator can make up to four different types of ice: cubes, crushed, handmade ice balls and mini ice cubes. It also includes refrigeration technologies with which it is possible to maintain the freshness of food for longer.

In this sense, LG LinearCooling reduces temperature fluctuations to keep products as fresh as possible for seven days, while the DoorCooling+ cascade of cold air cools 32 percent faster than conventional refrigeration systems, to keep food fresh and drinks colder on each shelf. In addition, UVnano technology reduces the presence of bacteria in the spout of the water dispenser by 99.99 percent.

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