Financial issues brought on by the Corona crisis have affected and continue to affect a large number of households in Israel and around the world. According to a recent study from researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and published in the journal The Lancet Regional Health – Americas, economic stress has an impact on young people’s mental health and is one of the factors contributing to an increase in depressive symptoms.

According to the study, financial stress, harm to the family’s economy, and a sense of uncertainty make youngsters feel depressed more intensely. This study adds to a large body of evidence showing the harmful consequences of the corona on young people.

treatment for depression and anxiety (Canava image)

Psychiatrist for children and adolescents at Maccabi Health Services in the Jerusalem and Shefala district, Dr. Iris Cohen Yavin, claims that “Both adults and teenagers had higher levels of anxiety and tension during the Corona era. Due to a combination of factors, such as the strain on the economy, the harm done to family stability, and the sense of security, we observe a considerable rise in the number of referrals to mental health clinics in the neighborhood.”

Added her: “Teenagers frequently have a greater understanding of the family’s financial condition than their parents do, and they even have a propensity to exaggerate and worsen situations. It’s crucial to explain the problem to the youth, listen to what they have to say, and, if required, seek professional guidance and aid.”

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