On Wednesday, a number of Latin American nations voiced their alarm about Peru’s dire political situation as a result of President Pedro Castillo’s dismissal by Congress and detention at the Lima Prefecture headquarters.

The Argentine Foreign Ministry posted a message on his Twitter profile saying, “Argentina regrets and expresses its deep concern about the political crisis that the sister Republic of Peru is going through and calls on all political and social actors to safeguard democratic institutions, the rule of law, and the constitutional order.”

Similar sentiments were stated by the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry, which also urged political actors to uphold “the rule of law and democracy” on the aforementioned social network.

The Brazilian government, for its part, has released a statement in which it reassures the public that it is “following the situation in the country with concern” and emphasizes that Castillo’s actions are “incompatible with the constitutional framework” because they “violate the validity of democracy and the rule of law.”

The Chilean government has also responded, saying in a statement that it believes the problem affecting “a brother country” can be handled “via democratic means.”

The Pacific Alliance summit has been postponed, according to Marcelo Ebrard, the foreign minister of Mexico. He stated, “Mexico regrets the most recent events in Peru.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has stated on his Twitter page that “non-interference and the right of the peoples to self-determination” are “fundamental principles” of his foreign policy.

Despite this, he has stated that what has occurred in Peru is “unfortunate,” since “for the interests of the economic and political elites” since the start of Castillo’s “legitimate” Presidency, an atmosphere of confrontation and hostility against him to the point that it led him to make decisions that have served his opponents to complete his dismissal.”

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