Tolls in Serbia will increase by nine percent from January 1, announced the acting director of the public company “Roads of Serbia”, Zoran Drobnjak.

He told the newspaper Kurir that the Government of Serbia approved the toll price increase.

“If now the toll to Niš was 1,000 dinars, after the price increase it will be 1,090 dinars,” said Drobnjak.

Now the toll price for the first category of vehicles for the Belgrade-Preševo ​​section is 1,490 dinars, while after the price increase it will be 1,624 dinars.

The price for the section of the Belgrade-Dimitrovgrad road is now 1,310 dinars, and if the price increases, it will be 1,427 dinars, according to Kurir.

For the section of the Belgrade-Sid road, the toll price is 420 dinars, and it will be 457 dinars. For the Belgrade-Subotica section, the toll is now 640 dinars, and after the price increase it will be 697 dinars. The toll for the section of the Belgrade-Niš road is 890 dinars, and from January 1 it will cost drivers 970 dinars.

With the amendment of the Decision on the amount of tolls, the discounts for electronic toll collection (ENP) have also been changed, where for payments from 20,000 to 50,000 dinars the discount will be four percent, for payments from 50,000 to 100,000 six percent, and eight percent for payments over 100,000 dinars.

The discount was increased from five to eight percent for legal entities that pay the monthly toll amount within the agreed period.

From December 3, drivers can expect an increase in the toll from Belgrade to Čačak on the Miloš Veliki highway, from 430 to 470 dinars for passenger cars (category I).

The toll for motorcycles will be 240 instead of 220 dinars, while for category II vehicles it will be 700 dinars instead of 650. For category III, the toll price will be 1,400 instead of 1,270 dinars, while for category IV vehicles, the toll will be 2,800 dinars instead of 2,560 dinars.

Drobnjak stated that no toll was charged for the section from Preljina to Pakovraca.

“Now we start charging for it,” he said.

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