Russia-Ukraine War: The US secretly sabotaged the advanced HIMARS weapons systems it sent to Ukraine as part of the military aid in its war against Russia, in order to prevent Kiev from launching long-range missiles at its rival, according to a report in the Washington Post.

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This “precautionary measure,” as US officials called it, was taken as part of the Biden administration’s efforts to prevent a wider war.

Starting last June, the US provided at least 20 HIMARS rocket launch systems to Ukraine and a stockpile of satellite-guided rockets with a range of tens of kilometers, which were used by the Ukrainian army to attack Russian ammunition depots, logistics depots and command posts on Ukrainian soil.

However, the advanced HIMARS weapon systems have a unique feature, designed to prevent them from becoming even more of a game-changer on the battlefield. US officials said the Pentagon had modified the launchers so that they could not fire missiles to a range of hundreds of kilometers.

These changes, which were not revealed before, show how far the Biden administration is willing to go in order to balance its support on the Ukrainian side, and at the same time prevent the risk of a possible escalation with Moscow.

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