In order to help you narrow down your search results, Google has added a new element to the search engine that is positioned beneath the address bar.

According to a post on the company’s blog, customers generally know how to launch a Google search, but they are sometimes unsure of what they are actually looking for or how to locate it.

It has incorporated a new functionality that offers a series of tags connected to the searched phrase in order to deepen these searches and allow users to explore areas of interest to them.

These searchable tags serve as filters and enable more specialized searches. For instance, the search engine will display phrases like “healthy” or “simple” if you search for “dinner ideas”.

Using the “+” button, one can include these recommendations in a search. The search results will alter whenever they are uploaded, giving consumers more possibilities relating to the selected criteria.

According to Google’s understanding of user search behaviors and content analysis on the web, all of its systems automatically present relevant topics to users when they conduct a search.

As a result, each filter is presented in the order that Google believes to be most relevant to consumers. They can utilize the option “All filters” if they are interested in others who do not show up among the top results, which can be seen by dragging the filter bar to the left.

For English-speaking customers in the United States, the company has said that this change will be implemented “in the coming days,” both in the Google app for iOS and Android as well as the web version.

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