The rules of the social network prohibit it. But Musk needs ways to make money from a loss-making product.

Twitter, a company undergoing a total reorganization, may be considering the sale of usernames with the aim of increasing its income, according to a new report from The New York Times. This measure arises after several attempts to get the company afloat by its owner, the magnate Elon Muskwho acquired it for 44,000 million dollars last October.

The social network has continued to grab headlines since it was acquired by Musk: whether through mass layoffs, other spending cuts, or imposing undesirable working conditions on its workers, The billionaire tried all kinds of tactics to revive the social network. Or at least to make it financially viable.

After experiencing a sharp drop in ad revenue, Twitter tried to find new ways to generate revenue to continue riding the social media wave.

To do this, a renewed subscription plan was even created through which users pay to obtain verification credentials, a measure that quickly became a ‘trending topic’ around the world. Subscription to Twitter Blue has a monthly cost of $7.99.

Likewise, with a view to continuing to grow exponentially, the company made it clear that it plans to lift the ban on political ads in the “coming weeks”, so that the different political figures resume their promotions, as well as greater freedom of expression by unlocking accounts. characterized by their hate speech. Still, Musk lbequeathed to suspend the accounts of several journalists,an act massively criticized for which he had to reinstate them later.

A month ago, the Tesla owner claimed in a tweet that his social network would soon begin releasing 1.5 billion usernames, stressing that inactive accounts would be removed. As he revealed after his purchase, the measure to release names would be intended for those accounts with desired usernames.

These unique usernames, also known as identifiers, can be beneficial, since certain people or brands are willing to pay a huge amount of money. for getting hold of them. In fact, there is currently a black market in which customers can buy certain abandoned usernames that contain a desired word or number.

Twitter rules forbid it

According to The New York Times, the company’s workers have considered organizing and carrying out online auctions where people can bid on usernames, something that began to be discussed last December. To date, it is not known if this measure will be implemented, or if it will affect all usernames or only to one side most relevant of them.

Thanks to these auctions, people will be able to get the username they’ve always dreamed of, which is made up of the characters, words or numbers that follow the @ sign to identify Twitter accounts. In the case of its owner, for example, its identifier is @elonmusk.

This measure may once again raise controversy in the American company, since Twitter’s rules prohibit the buying and selling of identifiers. For this reason, hackers have already acted on several occasions: in 2020, a 17-year-old was arrested in Florida after hacking into Twitter to obtain usernames to sell later, endangering the accounts of public figures such as himself. Musk, former president Barack Obama or Bill Gates.

This information follows the announcement of the popular messaging application Telegram, which made it clear in October that it will carry out an auction of usernames, both for individual accounts and channels, thanks to its own built-in marketplace. on the TON blockchain.

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