Twitter try a new system with which to obtain benefits for the platform and the content creators with the function ‘Coins’,which is based on a new virtual currency with which users can pay for “quality” content to creator profiles.

The platform owned by mogul Elon Musk continues to work on features to attract revenue that keeps content creators on Twitter. Your main collection system is the paid version of the application Twitter Blue and recently it has also launched a Blue version for companies.

Now, Twitter is testing the function ‘Coins’,as shown by the application analysts What Owji y Jane Manchun Wong, who have found this new payment system in an option on the main menu of their profiles. So it would be a virtual currency valid within the social network that users could buy with real money and then use to pay the creators.

As described, it could be a function extension ‘Tips’ on Twitter with which, through third-party payment services, users can send money or Bitcoin to creator profiles. In fact, as Nima Owji explained in a capture taken in december,within the ‘Tips’ tab there is a new ‘Coins’ section that would be related to this new function.

Regarding its operation, the analyst Jane Manchun Wong has pointed out that, once the ‘Coins’ button on the menu has been pressed, the app redirects to a coin purchase screen where Twitter explains that this feature will allow “support creators who tweet great content”. Besides, the purchase of coins will be done through the service Internet payment technology company Stripe, according to has checked.


On the other hand, the implementation of ‘Coins’ could have more uses. According to Manchun Wong shared through some captures, Twitter is also testing an ‘Awards’ feature,in which users can use platform coins to buy gifts for other profiles.

Here’s the list of Twitter Awards:

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) January 5, 2023

The ‘Rewards’ function includes a extensive gift list with different prices. For example, in exchange for a Twitter coin you would get a gift ‘Mind Blow’,in exchange for five coins a gift ‘Bravo’ And so the price increases until it reaches the most expensive gift, 5,000 coins for a ‘Gold’ gift.

In addition to all this, the analyst Nima Owji has clarified that these currencies, which are still in development, are valid for your exclusive use within the application and They are not related to cryptocurrencies. “Don’t be fooled by scammers,” he has sentenced.

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