According to a news release from Uponor, the Paasikivi family’s investment firm Oras Invest has acquired 497,829 shares of pipeline firms.

From December 27 through December 29, the shares were purchased at an average cost of about 16.28 euros. Consequently, the deals had a combined value of almost EUR 8.1 million.

Oras Invest was Uponor’s largest stakeholder as at the end of November. It held 18,030,780 shares of Uponor, or 24.6 percent of the company.

Paasikivi previously gave Uponor extra fuel when they purchased 231,379 shares of the company for roughly 3.4 million euros earlier in December. Thus, prior to the inclusion of the extra transactions, Oras Invest’s shareholding in Uponor would have increased to 18,759,988 shares, or 25.6 percent.

The share price of Uponor has decreased by around 5% so far this year. It was valued at 16.60 euros as of Thursday night.

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