Due to an increase in the growing trend of the corona disease in Los Angeles, USA, the possibility of returning to the use of masks is being considered. Recently, there was an increase in the hospitalization cases due to the virus in the area, which led the public health director of the area, Barbara Ferrer, to consider asking the residents to return to wearing masks, if the morbidity It will indeed expand and be rated “high.” As of December 1, Los Angeles County is posting an average of 2,490 new cases – the highest number since August 26.The daily deaths that Los Angeles is dealing with are still relatively low, but the figure may change for the worse, since it is known that these cases are often reported several weeks after the general increase in morbidity. “The popular explanation is that the epidemic is over and that the corona is no longer a concern, but the numbers prove otherwise,” Ferrer said. According to her, if the number of cases continues to climb at the same rate, the morbidity will probably be rated “high” this week.

“I don’t think this will happen in Israel,” says Dr. Julie Shleifer, a specialist in internal medicine at “Kalelit” in the Sharon-Shomron district, in response to the statements. which we have not seen before, although it is still too early to state with certainty that this explanation is correct. At the same time, it should be remembered that a certain percentage of the population in Israel that is at risk is not equal in magnitude to the same percentage in the US.”

“Many have the feeling that the corona virus is a bad and distant dream, but it hasn’t gone anywhere,” adds immunologist Dr. Erez Garti from the Davidson Institute. Contrary to what was the case three years ago, today it is possible to defend and protect others without harming the routine through vaccinations, treatments and masks where recommended. Bottom line, the name of the game is ‘adjustment’ – that is, adapting our guidelines and conduct to the reality on the ground.”

Be that as it may, Dr. Shleifer reminds us all that the responsibility for preventing the spread of the disease lies mainly with the public. It doesn’t matter at all if he is sick with corona, the flu or he just has a cold – all these diseases can be passed from one to another through typhoid infection, so it is better to prevent them if possible.”

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