The tragic coincidence, which happened at Punjab’s Behram on the country wide motorway connecting Phagwara and Chandigarh, became captured through a CCTV digicam.

Three contributors of a family were killed after a loaded trailer lost stability and fell on its aspect, crushing the automobile they have been in.
The tragic accident, which occurred at Punjab’s Behram at the countrywide toll road connecting Phagwara and Chandigarh, was captured by way of a CCTV digital camera.

The video shows the loaded 18-wheel trailer take a surprising flip without slowing down. The big automobile loses its balance and its contents fall on the street. The trailer blocks the manner of automobiles coming from Phagwara; certainly one of them is beaten and the opposite has a slim get away. A couple and their son were inside the crushed automobile and died instantaneous. Three passengers inside the different were injured.

Visuals from after the accident showed that the automobile’s body have been flattened, making it obtrusive that no one ought to have survived the crash.

Police have registered a case in opposition to Major Singh, the driver of the trailer, below numerous costs, inclusive of rash driving.

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