Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan says “highest office ought to be reputable”, while Telangana authorities has no longer but answered to her allegations

Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan these days referred to some of times to allege that the state authorities is discriminating in opposition to her due to the fact she’s a female. She listed not getting the government helicopter as an example, and being “denied” the Governor’s Address and hoisting of the flag on Republic Day.
“Whenever I wanted to reach out to the humans, virtually there has been a few hurdle,” she stated, addressing at a public feature as she finished three years in office. “The kingdom will write in its history how a woman governor was discriminated towards.”

Neither the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) nor its authorities — led by means of K Chandrasekhar Rao (‘KCR’) — has replied to her allegations.

A political perspective is being spotted, too, as Ms Soundararajan is a former leader of Tamil Nadu BJP. The BJP-led Centre and the TRS authorities have snapped at each different frequently during the last few months as Chief Minister KCR works to bind the Opposition to mission Telangana Gov Tamilisai Soundararajan says, “…The kingdom will write records how a woman Governor changed into discriminated. I changed into denied the Governor’s Address&the web hosting of the flag on Republic Day. Even now anyplace I pass protocol isn’t observed. Office ought to be reputable..” p.C.Twitter.Com/Bb39hXW6Ux

— ANI (@ANI) September 8, 2022
Governor Soundararajan, speaking on her equation with the nation authorities, recalled a state of affairs when she became to got for a tribal pageant in Mulugu district. “I needed to move the Sammakka Sarakka (Jatara), so had requested the authorities for a helicopter due to the fact the road adventure would take eight hours… Till the remaining minute, we have been not informed whether they will give the helicopter or not. We left the following morning by means of automobile.” She said she barely made it in time as the principle competition became to be over by 4pm.

“I am telling this not to pinpoint anyone,” she stated, “But the best workplace need to be reputable.”

“This is not the best incident. I was denied the Governor’s Address. I was denied the hosting of the flag on Republic Day,” she brought. “Even now, anywhere I move, protocol is definitely not observed. The Collector would not come and greet. I am now not bothered, but the workplace must be reputable.”

She stated discrimination has “not halted this girl”. “I work more than guys. I do no longer need anything because of any allotment or reservation due to the fact I am a female. But we all respect womanhood.”

She said she now travels, “anywhere I can”, by way of vehicle or train.

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