Viral: A video surfaced online showing a shipping agent flying on a jetpack in Saudi Arabia to deliver food.

The meals enterprise has witnessed a few interesting disruptions in the recent past. Drones turning in food, robots serving food in eating places, inter-city meals delivery, and greater such inventions have made dining out and ordering in experience less difficult and extra convenient. If you thought drones flying and touchdown at your doorstop along with your food is a tad bit improbable, imagine a man flying to do the equal. A video surfaced online displaying a delivery agent flying up a high-rise constructing in Saudi Arabia to supply meals! Don’t accept as true with us? Watch the subsequent video.

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As you can see in the video, a man is flying up the excessive-upward thrust constructing on a jetpack, additionally wearing the packaged meals to be introduced. He flies from one tower to any other to reach his vacation spot. He is visible landing on a balcony where a female is ready to receive her food parcel. The video went viral as soon as it became published on Twitter with more than four million views, over 80k likes and thousands of remarks.

As evident from the reactions, the video has left many people astonished. But there also are some individuals who suppose the video is doctored. What do you suspect?
Take a look at some of the reactions left at the post:

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As actual as it seems, it’s also really unrealistic. Think approximately the logistics a food transport platform will ought to work out to make this happen. Some humans are even thinking if this truly takes place, will the food transport expenses go up?

While we don’t know if the video is actual or not, it sure seems like a terrific idea to have our food delivered in minutes, especially while our starvation is at its peak. Share your mind in the comments beneath.

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