Walid Regragui, the coach of Morocco, said on Monday that his team has “nothing to lose” when they play Spain in the World Cup round of 16 in Qatar. He added that his team will play with a “winning mentality” and “try to hit the bell,” which would be “a surprise for everyone,” as he does not see any “weaknesses” in a team with “more experience” like Spain.

“We are playing against one of the finest teams in the world, one of the favorites, and they have a lot of ambition, so it will be a very difficult match for us. Let’s be honest, it would be a huge surprise for everyone, so we have one more day to attempt to create a big splash “Regragui admitted as much at the press conference held before the match against Spain on Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. for a chance to advance to the quarterfinals.

The coach, who took over only three months ago, stressed on the “mental side” of “a high-level game,” saying that it is important to “be concentrated.” He continued, “It’s vital, we have to work, even though my players are prepared, it’s a final, so we can’t ignore the physical aspect either.

“If someone is worn out, let them leave; another will then enter from the bench and engage in combat. I’m not concerned since a team like the Moroccan team has everything necessary to be in top physical shape. Against Canada, we demonstrated our talent and our ability to move. For ninety minutes, we must be physically perfect “He issued a warning.

Regragui emphasized that since they are playing Spain in the round of 16 of a World Cup 36 years later, they have “nothing to lose.” “We’re going on the field with the mindset of a winner. We will raise our flag as high as we can. We hope the Arab world would support us and be content “He wished.

“We want to win, but I have nothing but respect for Spain. I have my feet on the ground. The round of 16 has been reached, and the specifics will be determined. They have more experience, but we must set aside our emotions and provide our best. Otherwise, we risk ruining the surprise “Added he.


As the only “living” representation in this World Cup, Regragui noted that Morocco is the great hope of African football. He said when asked if winning the World Cup was a possibility, “Anything can happen.” “Why not give my players the goal of winning the World Cup—Africa has never done so—aspirations? The media doesn’t back us; we can do it; please assist us. We will battle and give our all tomorrow to clear the path for other African teams “, warning

He also didn’t want to miss the chance to commend the “tiki-taka” football style that Spain has used over the past “15-20 years” with “great players” as an example. “He doesn’t alter his demeanor throughout the game; he still wants the ball, which is acceptable. You can always tell when Spain is playing. This team doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses “He examined.

“One of the top teams in the world, they are aware of their ideology, and their positioning disadvantages their opponents. We acknowledge their efforts to “tiki-taka” their competitors. They averaged having the ball for more than 60% of the last 20 games, but we have other weapons. We’ll see if possession played a significant role or helped them win the game. Ideally, Spain won’t know what to do with the ball tomorrow, even if they have it “Added he.

He also emphasized how much he “loves” Luis Enrique’s demeanor and “how he manages to endure the strain.” He praised the Spanish coach’s’streamer’ side, saying, “His directs from him on Twitch… Maybe I’m driven to do the same, football is football, it’s enjoyment.”

Without “remorse” or “revenge,” following their clash in 2018 (2-2), in the group stage, is Regragui’s plain message for this Tuesday. “I’ll tell them to have fun and play football. Prior to the game, it is my responsibility to maintain emotional equilibrium and try to focus the players without saying anything overly complicated. We are not seeking retaliation. We are not the same team, and all the bad things about the old Morocco have changed “said

Regragui aspires to not make the World Cup’s “fourth “final” the most important game in Moroccan football history and to go into it without “excessive pressure.” “In the future, I hope there will be games that are more significant than the quarterfinals. We are going to give it our all in this match to make history and go with no regrets. I want to be proud of my team and make history “He gave in.


Yassine Bono, the goalie for Sevilla, was ill, therefore Munir El Kajoui filled in for him in the second game of the group stage. Both players attended the news conference. Spain is “one of the favorites,” therefore they will have to offer “two hundred percent to win,” the goalkeeper said. “Spain sets out to triumph and to take the lead. They will make us run a lot because they have a lot of patience, but we already knew that. With our armaments, we’ll endeavor to compete and prevail “He clarified.

“For us, it’s the final; we’ll compete and give it our all to attempt to prevail. The most important thing is to win and satisfy all Moroccans if we are to continue making history. It serves as our capstone. It’s crucial to making so many people happy. Nothing in life is greater than giving back so much love and support, and now is the ideal opportunity to do it and make them proud of us “Added he.

Last but not least, Munir wished to “gift” the Moroccan supporters a victory, for which they would sacrifice “the most” on the field. He added, “We are going to kill each other on the field, and leave everything to keep making history.

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