A video, uploaded by way of Indian Forest Service officer (IFS) Ramesh Pandey on Twitter, captured the momentsas the tiger struggledto live afloat in the river.

A tiger become swept away through robust currents while it attempted to move the Gerua River in Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh. It became ultimately capable of swim to the other aspect and reach the forest.
A video, uploaded through Indian Forest Service officer (IFS) Ramesh Pandey on Twitter, captured the moments because the tiger struggled to stay afloat inside the river. It showed the wild cat stuck inside the current with waves splashing onto him.

“A young searching tiger tried to pass Gerua river alongside the heavy cutting-edge but flown away upto Girijapuri barrage in Bahraich. Tiger seemed in hassle,” the caption read.

In a subsequent video, we will see the tiger wading throughout the swollen river. The officer wrote that the tiger managed to pass the river and reached the jungles on the alternative side. “However, the tiger being a effective and outstanding swimmer should cross the river in opposition to the cutting-edge, and reached in jungles of Katerniaghat, part of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve,” the tweet read.

The tiger changed into being monitored at the same time as it crossed the river. “The crew lead by Akash Deep Bhadhawan monitored the secure passage to tiger and other natural world at some point of excessive flood instances in Katerniaghat. Monsoon in Terai is a difficult time for safety and patrolling,” the officer tweeted.

Social media celebrated the tiger’s survival, and users praised the team for making sure its safety. “Relieved to look the tiger swim back to safety,” one person wrote. Another commented “Happy! Tiger is alive.”

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