The Belgrade raft “Freestyler” was involved in an incident on New Year’s Eve that caused the entire raft to sink. The raft was swiftly evacuated of all guests, but a few suffered minor wounds. Real panic was present. At the scene of the accident, the police and the Ambulance showed up.

– As we waited on the “Freestyler” to ring in the New Year, the raft suddenly began to sink. Our knees were covered in water, and it began to pour directly where our booth was. I grew frightened and began to cry. Now that I think about it, it might even be humorous, but back then, it didn’t exist at all. We could have all drowned in that water, therefore it’s lucky that we all managed to preserve our lives, the girl who saw the incident told Blic.

The tavern started to sink because there were much more people inside than it could hold, the police informed the local media. Aleksandar api, the mayor of Belgrade, stated on Sunday that, in accordance with his information, the raft sank because two to three times as many people boarded it as was necessary and because its pontoons were less durable than the ones that came before.

We’ll strive to learn from this so that it doesn’t happen again and that those who let in more people than allowed the next time will be held accountable. We also need to implement regulations to assess the pontoon’s quality and to specify exactly how many people can in. Regardless of whether anything occurs or not, we will implement controls, establish consequences, and hold ourselves accountable.

Remember that the initial reports said that there had also been a shooting inside the club; however, they later disputed this, claiming that the sound was caused by neighboring fireworks and pyrotechnics instead. Social media is also rife with rumors of brawls within the club.

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