Zora Ima: President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, He spoke today at the meeting of the Russian Ministry of Defense in Moscow about Russia’s ambition to continue developing its military power.

Among other things, Putin mentioned the plans to arm themselves with the most powerful weapons, to use the extensive experience already accumulated in Ukraine and the Middle East, and the plan that is perhaps the most worrying of all – to continue improving the readiness of Russia’s nuclear forces for combat.

“I promise to give the army everything it needs to continue the war in Ukraine, we have no funding limitations. The state and the government will provide everything the army asks for,” Putin stated.

In addition, Putin’s words show the desire to continue arming the Russian army with the most advanced means of warfare: “We will equip our strategic forces with modern weapons, all plans will come true.” By modern weapons, Putin was referring to inter-ballistic missiles of the RS-28 Sarmat type (a large-scale intercontinental ballistic missile of Russian development) which he said would be developed for military use in the near future. In addition, Putin referred to the tremendous importance of drones, which was proven in the combat arena against Ukraine.

Later, Putin mentioned that the Russian military units have gained enormous military experience during their stay in Syria in recent years, and that the use of this accumulated experience should be optimally utilized.

Regarding NATO, Putin stated that almost all of the organization’s potential is being used against his country, and even said that it is necessary to analyze NATO’s experience – probably in favor of using the enemy’s knowledge for the benefit of Russia.

It is important to note that alongside the many impressive statements about his plans for the future, Putin admitted for the first time that the large-scale mobilization of the reserves, which he ordered in September, did not go smoothly: “The partial mobilization that was carried out raised, as everyone knows, certain problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible.” The recruitment of the reserves did provoke strong criticism even from Putin’s allies in the Kremlin, as it became clear that many men who were too old or physically unfit for military service were recruited. Apart from that, it emerged that the new recruits also lacked basic equipment such as sleeping bags and winter clothes.

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