The Minister of Social Development announced a 40% increase in the amounts of social assistance. It will be from December.

The Minister of Social Development, Victoria Tolosa Paz, announced a rise from 40% of the amounts of the Alimentar card. It will be from December. The aid will now have a base of $12,500 and will reach up to $25,000.

The news was announced by the Minister of Social Development, Victoria Tolosa Paz through her social networks along with a photograph where she is seen with the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa.

Food Card: new amounts

With the new amounts from December:

  • A child up to 14 years of age or with a disability: $12,500
  • Pregnant mother who has a disabled child: $12,500
  • Two children: $19,000
  • Three or more children: $25,000
  • Mother of more than 7 children with a non-contributory pension (PNC): $25,000

Food Card: who can collect it

The Food Card reaches 2,413,316 families Food Benefit holders, of which 55.9% have one child, 27.7% two children and 16.4% three or more children.

State aid reaches a total of 4,046,899 children, among which 3,906,024 are children up to 14 years of age, 67,353 children with disabilities and 73,522 babies. In the latter case, the beneficiaries are pregnant women.

  • Those who receive the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) with children up to and including 14 years of age.
  • Pregnant women from 3 months old who receive the Pregnancy Allowance for Social Protection.
  • Those with children with disabilities who receive the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), with no age limit.
  • Mothers of 7 or more children who receive Non-Contributory Pensions (PNC).

Alimentar card, state aid rises 40% from December.

November Payment Schedule

Reinforcement food for adults without income:

  • mars November 22thDNI finished in 5
  • Wednesday November 23, finished ID in 6
  • Thursday November 24DNI finished in 7
  • Friday November 25, finished ID in 8
  • Monday November 28: finished ID in 9

Family Allowance per Child and Universal Allowance per Child:

  • mars November 22thDNI finished in 9​

Pregnancy Allowance:

  • Tuesday, November 22, DNI ending in 7
  • Wednesday, November 23, DNI ending in 8
  • Thursday, November 24, DNI ending in 9

Single Payment Allowances: Marriage, Adoption, and Birth:

  • Tuesday November 22: all documents, second fortnight

Unemployment Plan 1

  • Wednesday November 23DNI finished at 0 and 1
  • Thursday November 24, finished ID in 2 and 3
  • Friday November 25, finished ID in 4 and 5
  • Monday November 28, finished ID in 6 and 7
  • mars November 29th, finished ID in 8 and 9

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