It was true that Barack Obama’s hair went white after six weeks in the White House, as was rumored about the former US president. People who endure stress—whether as a result of a catastrophic incident like a loved one’s death or illness, a legal proceeding, or periods of tension at work or at home—are undoubtedly physiologically affected.

Stress will have an impact on hair color and trigger a physiological process that is necessary for survival and social adaption in animals.
In a recent study at Harvard University in the US, researchers found that stressful conditions had a variable but consistent impact on hair pigmentation.
Graying and bleaching of hair are caused by psychological and emotional pressures such as restriction, unanticipated prolonged stress, and discomfort. Numerous physiological changes at the cellular and molecular level are known to be triggered by stress.

Pictured are RICARDO ARDUENGO/AFP and Getty Images.

Dermatology expert Dr. Gil Tauber of Maccabi Health Services: “When under stress, the body automatically takes survival-related responses. The body triggers these reactions when it senses threat. Nor-adrenaline, which triggers all movements of fighting or running when we are in danger and, for example, causes heartbeats to accelerate, is secreted by the body simultaneously when it is under stress. Our hairs are another area where the released material has an effect.

“In the study they carried out at Harvard University, they discovered that the substance causes stem cells in the hair fiber to emerge from the hairs, and that when we lack the stem cells, we lack the pigment cells that produce the color of the hair, which is why the hair first turns gray and then whitens. Damaged pigment cells are present. These stem cells are quantitatively reduced by noradrenaline until they entirely vanish and no new pigment cells are created.

“Contrary to the condition alopecia areata, which results in baldness but allows for hair growth, bleaching the hair permanently removes all hair. It cannot be undone. I do see patients whose bodies have been under stress and are showing the effects, such as white hair or other abnormalities.”

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