“When the sphere is apparent, I concept why no longer?” Digvijaya Singh instructed NDTV in an distinct interview.

Digvijaya Singh, senior Congressman who’s entering the celebration’s presidential race, today indicated that his pass become a spur-of-the-second choice, made after it have become clear that Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s candidature got scuttled by way of the rebel of his loyalist MLAs. If elected, Mr Singh said he could perform the birthday party’s selections, as happens in a democratic gadget, he said. A desirable leader is “now not a dictator” but the “first amongst equals”, he pointed out.
“When the sector is obvious, I notion why not?” he instructed NDTV in an one-of-a-kind interview.

Asked what he supposed by means of a “clear area” he stated, “Initially, there had been talks about the party deciding on a name. So it become specific. Now it is any other state of affairs”.

Mr Gehlot, a loyalist of the Gandhi family, turned into visible as the “professional” candidate.

But the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh refused to speak approximately the state of affairs in Rajasthan, a country headed by using his friend of four decades.

Mr Singh might be one of the three corners of what might turn out a triangular election. Congress sources informed NDTV that the celebration high command is searching out a desired candidate for the birthday celebration’s top publish. There is a opportunity that the candidate might be Mukul Wasnik, a staunch Gandhi own family loyalist rewarded with a Rajya Sabha seat in advance this 12 months.

A phase in the celebration has reservations approximately Mr Singh, who is seen as having “an excessive amount of political bags” regardless of his credentials as a Gandhi family loyalist, resources said.

Mr Singh agreed that he turned into now not the “reliable” candidate. “If the Gandhis say there’s no ‘permitted’ candidate, how can I be one? I am no longer the ‘legitimate’ or ‘authorized’ candidate. I’m contesting on the dictates of my judgment of right and wrong. I’ll ask anyone, in the event that they suppose I’m deserving then accurate,” he stated.

Asked if his paintings would be guided via his sense of right and wrong or the Gandhi circle of relatives, Digvijaya Singh stated, “I trust inside the democratic device. Whatever the birthday celebration decides, I’ll go with that”.

“A chief is just the first among equals. They aren’t dictators. They are answerable. For example, Sonia Gandhi consults all of us. Only after that she takes a decision. This is the machine of management in any democratic celebration,” he delivered.

On whether or not he could withdraw nomination as soon as an “official” candidate enters the race, Mr Singh indicated that is on a wait and watch mode. “Political state of affairs can change. We will see,” he stated.

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