Cristiano Ronaldo signed the biggest contract in the history of sports two days ago. By moving to Saudi Al Nassr, he will have 400 million euros on his account.

That’s how much he will earn in two years of the contract. With that move, he said goodbye to serious football, but as if he has to prove himself to anyone anymore. He won everything there is to win in club football and became one of the greatest football players in history. In Saudi Arabia, he will enjoy the calm of his career, he will play football for his own pleasure and fun, and in addition, he will receive the largest amount of money for an athlete in history. Now he can treat himself to a new car, in addition to the already existing 25.

The most important part of the work has been completed. The contract has been signed, but now the whole family has to move and find a new refuge for the Ronaldo family. We have no doubts how Georgina will deal with everything. And one has already caught their eye.

As the Daily Mail writes, Ronaldo is thinking about buying a villa in the Al Macqa district, and the price is 14 million euros. A real trifle for him considering how he will earn 400 million euros. He won’t even feel it.

This luxury villa, or rather castle, is located in a luxurious neighborhood near the capital city of Riyadh. A few were primarily built for the rich from the Western world. And they have everything they need. To reward the palate in the best restaurants, and the children will not be deprived of education. Moreover, there are numerous international schools in the district.

Photo: Instagram/Lauren Rose Goldberg

The house consists of eight bedrooms. Each child will be able to have their own, and there will also be room for guests. Of course, everything is woven from opulence. When you walk through the front door, you are splashed by the waterfall located in the lobby. The villa also boasts an Olympic-sized swimming pool, so when there is no school, Ronald’s Children will be able to swim to their heart’s content.

Photo: PropertyFinder

Photo: PropertyFinder

Photo: PropertyFinder

Photo: PropertyFinder

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