Internal reports from Iran indicate that various politicians, including some high-ranking ones, have recently expressed their desire for various reforms – in the hope of alleviating the anger of the demonstrators and releasing some of the pressure directed towards the regime as part of the hijab protest. More than 100 days since the death of the young Mehsa Amini and the beginning of the protests, the news network Amwaj News, which is published in the UK and publishes in English, Arabic and Persian, reports from a variety of sources in Iran about the ever-expanding phenomenon. According to the report, both moderate and conservative politicians, including those close to the regime and the supreme leader, offer various options to calm the spirits in the country, including a compromise regarding the enforcement of the hijab. At this point, things are far from an agreement, and it is not yet evident that they are getting close to receiving support from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. It is also reported that the status of the chastity guards is still unclear, about a month ago claims were spread regarding their closure – which later turned out to be untrue.

The report presents three senior figures in Iranian politics who have expressed their desire to promote reforms, including the former Speaker of the Parliament and now Khamenei’s advisor, Ali Larijani, the current Speaker of the Parliament Mohammad Bakr Kalibaf, as well as the Minister of Tourism and Heritage Culture Azatullah Zargami. Larijani claimed that the strictness of enforcing the obligation to wear the hijab should be eased, and it was reported that he cited as an example the law in Iran that prohibits placing satellite dishes in homes – which is not properly enforced and is even being ignored.

Zargami, a conservative politician who headed Iran’s central television, pointed out that reforming the political system in Iran does not mean “collapse”. Kalibaf also emphasized the need for reform and said that it “must happen in the government system in the country.”

The report also presents several other elements in the political system in Iran who are calling for changes and reforms in closed conversations. Among other things, the names of Mohsen Razai, the economic advisor of President Ebrahim Raisi, and also Ali Shimkhani, the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council in Iran, a former senior member of the Revolutionary Guards, are mentioned. It also appears that other senior politicians express support for moves of this type.

In early December, the Iranian hacktivist group published Black Reward Yedioth managed to steal by hacking the semi-official Fars news agency, which is considered close to the Revolutionary Guards. According to one of the reports, the leader Khamenei told the Speaker of the Parliament Kalibaf that he will not actively intervene in moves to promote reforms on the issue, but will agree to support them if a consensus is reached on the matter among the elements of the political system.

Throughout the last months of protest, Iran refused to agree to the protesters’ demands and even threatened violent and harsh measures against them. According to some estimates, a compromise by the regime regarding the wearing of the hijab, which is considered a symbol in Iran, may actually convey weakness – which will actually encourage the protesters to continue protesting and demand changes, and not calm the spirits.

Even in recent days, Iran insists, at least officially, that the origin of the protests comes from the US, Israel and other countries in the West seeking to destabilize the regime. So far, 2 protesters have been executed, and at least nine more have been sentenced to death and are awaiting their punishment. About 500 people They were killed and close to 20,000 were arrested as part of the widespread demonstrations, which have subsided a little in recent weeks – but the protest movement is far from dying down and continues to occupy the regime.

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