29/11/2022 El remake de The Witcher será de mundo abierto.. La desarrolladora de videojuegos CD Projekt Red ha confirmado que el ‘remake’ del primer The Witcher, en el que están trabajando con Unreal Engine 5, ofrecerá una aventura de mundo completamente abierto para un solo jugador. POLITICA CD PROJEKT RED

The’remake’ of The Witcher, which CD Projekt Red is creating with Unreal Engine 5, will have an entirely open world journey for a single player, the video game developer has stated.

The Polish business has released its financial statistics for the third quarter of this year, and it has announced that Gerald de Rivia’s debut adventure would be a “Single player open world RPG” in this document.

This well-known franchise’s debut entry, which came out in 2007, did not have an open world, preventing players from going back to certain regions of the game. You can now travel the entire region in the “remake” without being concerned about not being able to return to certain locations.

In the third game, players could only reach the royal castle in Turn Off’s gaming capital; however, the entirety of Vizima, the area around it, and other locations will be accessible in The Witcher’s “remake.”

The creator of the updated edition of the original The Witcher has not provided any other information regarding this new experience. However, as CD Projekt Red has already stated, the recreation process is being done “with the utmost care and attention to detail” using the Unreal 5 graphics engine.

It was so important that Adam Badowski, the director of the CD Projekt Red studio, stressed how important it was to recreate the start of the The Witcher universe. Going back to this location and creating a new version of the game for the enjoyment of future players is equally as significant, if not more so, he continued.

Additionally, since he is on his team with veteran personnel from The Witcher series, the game also includes the polish research Fool’s Theory. But the creator has already stated that “it will take a while” before they can divulge additional details.

The anticipated update for the third installment of the series, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, will, however, be released on December 14 for the most recent consoles (next-gen), the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, as well as for PC.

In addition to bug fixes, this update adds new content inspired by the Netflix series “The Witcher,” including the quest “In the Shadow of Eternal Fire.”

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