The video comes days after the al Qaeda leader called for jihad in opposition to India and Bangladesh for blasphemy against the Holy Prophet and threaten to launch suicide attacks in key Indian cities.

Al Qaeda chief Ayman al Zawahiri in a video launched via its media wing “As Sahab” has requested the global Muslim network or Ummah to undertake outstanding jihadist leaders as function models. The video statement is episode 5 of the collection titled “Deal of the Century or Crusades Spanning Centuries.”

The video calling for the veneration of past and gift Sunni jihadists isn’t always most effective going to spark off Islamic radicalization but has additionally raised terror risk ranges within the world. Zawahiri’s in advance videos inside the series had targeted on criticizing Arab leaders and “teaching” Muslims with the Al Qaeda ideology.

This month Zawahiri also called for jihad in opposition to India and Bangladesh for blasphemy against the Holy Prophet and threaten to launch suicide assaults in key Indian cities. Intelligence inputs suggest that Zawahiri is presently based totally in Afghanistan near the Durand Line border though the Taliban regime denies it and says that the terror kingpin is in Iran. As an apprehension enterprise with hardcore Salafist roots, Al Qaeda has no area for either Shia or Sufi branches of Islam.

With the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda’s center leadership has reinforced with the phobia group armed with the present day guns, explosives and night imaginative and prescient gadgets left by the US-led coalition forces on August 15, 2021. The terrorist group, which certainly has its media wing based totally in Pakistan, has commenced attracting militant cadres for worldwide operations and is receiving investment from Middle East international locations together with Qatar and Turkey.

Rising concurrently with Al Qaeda is the Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP) in Afghanistan, which has grown in cadre strength after its key leaders have been launched from prisons with the advent of the Taliban and the hasty exit of US forces. Armed with latest rifles and rocket launchers, the ISKP, which has hyperlinks with the Pakistani deep country, has focused the Taliban in the Islamic Emirate.

With Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood being active inside the Indian sub-continent through proxies, Islamic radicalization is anticipated to boom dramatically because the Taliban is the new model for jihadists. That the Taliban turned into capable of throw US forces out of Afghanistan is an example sufficient for undercover jihadists to upward thrust in the sub-continent and purpose havoc. The Al Qaeda risk of bomb attacks in India is not being taken lightly via counter-terror groups as the complete purpose of a possible strike could be to pressure a retaliation and growth polarization in Indian society.

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